TRAMPS show 4th January 2017

We eventually got the film showing correctly.

The problem was caused by a fault in the start-up menu, which was further aggravated by another bug which meant that the disk would only work when started from scratch.

More detail

There was a fault in the start-up menu in which the dubbed version was shown by default, but the menu indicated that the Original in Hindi and English was the default.

This was further aggravated by another bug which meant that when the top menu was invoked from the remote control, the screen would then go blank when PLAY was clicked. The only way to get the start-up menu to work was to remove the disk, and then put it back in. This was not a quick operation.

The fist clue as to the absence of subtitles came when Tanya (who organises TRAMPS licences) was able to lip read, and realised that the actors were actually speaking English. Before the show. Tanya had run the disk for 10 minutes to check that we could get the subtitles to work. I too had done a similar check. Neither of us suspected that the dubbed version was running owing to a lack of fluency in Hindi and Catalan. The problem started 11 minutes into the film.

Borrowing the Disk

If you left when the problems started without claiming a refund, you are welcome to borrow the disk (DVD) to watch at home. If you are interested in doing this please send an e-mail.

In order to get it to work you are recommended to do the following:
  1. Insert the disk and let it run until the menu appears
  2. Move the red line down from “V.O.” to “Catalan” and press OK
  3. Move the red line back to “V.O.” and press OK
  4. Move the red line down to the subtitle section and select “Inglès”
  5. The red line should have moved to PLAY and it should all work when you press OK
By common consent, it turned out to be an excellent film.