TRAMPS Constitution

Name of Organisation

The Ribblesdale Area Moving Picture Show (TRAMPS) - An unincorporated association

Aims of Organisation

TRAMPS aims to develop cinema provision in Settle and surrounding villages for all sections of the community.


TRAMPS will achieve the above aim through a number of objectives as follows:
  • to provide a screen and projection facilities in suitable locations (village halls),
  • to offer a range of films in order to cater for the widest audience possible,
  • to investigate the possibility of establishing a film society in the area,
  • to investigate the need for a cinema through a community consultation exercise,
  • to investigate a range of different film media (35mm/16mm/DVD), and
  • to publicise planned film screenings via the local media and posters.


Membership is open to those attending meetings. An elected steering group will drive the project with the support and involvement of a larger group of interested individuals.


TRAMPS meetings will occur on at least a quarterly basis and will be quorate when at least 4 members are present. Emergency meetings can be called by the chair giving one week's notice to members. Generally notice of one month will be given for TRAMPS meetings through individual notification and publicity (local newsletters etc).

The Steering Group

There will be a separate steering group who will meet on a more regular basis than the larger TRAMPS group. Members of the steering group will be elected by the TRAMPS group members and the steering group will decide on the role of its steering group members including appointing a chair. Steering group meetings will take place regularly every 4/6 weeks and will be quorate when at least 4 members are present. The role of steering group members will be reviewed on an annual basis with no time limit being set for steering group membership. Steering groups members wishing to resign should notify the group (verbally or in writing) and the TRAMPS group members approached for a replacement. Up to 4 TRAMPS members can be co-opted onto the steering group to assist with certain tasks. Special advisers can also been invited to steering group meetings. The steering group will report back to the TRAMPS group at the quarterly meetings.


TRAMPS will apply for financial support in order to fund its activities. Finances will be managed by the treasurer (member of the steering group) who will be responsible for managing a bank account and detailing all financial transactions and accounts (including the maintenance of a cash book and/or a computer database of accounts). The bank account will be in the name of the group. The treasurer will be accountable to the TRAMPS group for all the financial activities. All cheques must be signed by the treasurer and one counter signatory (agreed by the steering group).

Dissolving the Group

If the group decides to discontinue TRAMPS activities any funds remaining in the account will be passed onto another local organisation with similar aims after full agreement of steering group members and consultation with the TRAMPS group.

The Constitution

TRAMPS is an evolving group and as such changes to the constitution may be required in the future. Changes to the constitution will be agreed by the TRAMPS group members (with at least 75% support of those attending for any changes). The wording of any changes will be agreed by the steering group and a new copy of the constitution will be available to the TRAMPS group.

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